3Alica is an IT consulting company with a head office in LA and development centres in Europe and Argentina.

We provide our clients with the best BI solutions on Power BI, Qlik, Looker and Tableau platforms.

We are a global full-service BI integrator, we provide development and outsourcing in BI projects, DWH, ML and predictive analytics. Qlik Select partner, Corporate Planning Partner, Microsoft Partner, Splunk Partner, Exasol Partner.


Official BI partner status 


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Designed for the individual, but scaled for the enterprise, Tableau is the only business intelligence platform that turns your data into insights that drive action. Our team is also experienced at Data Studio, Sisense and Microsoft Power BI of course.


Qlik Sense allows you to create combinations of visual representations, deeply explore data, instantly identify relationships and view opportunities from any point of view for self-service BI. QlikView is lead analytical platform. You can also discover the migration process with us.

power bi

Discover Power BI, the powerful cloud-based visualization tool designed for dynamic data analysis. Easily create vivid reports, integrate with numerous data sources, and access from desktop, online, or mobile. Ideal for small businesses looking to leverage analytics for real-time decision making.


Discover how our Looker consulting services can transform your business. From advanced data integration to creating interactive dashboards and smart data management, we enable you to leverage Looker’s powerful analytics for smarter decision-making. Tailored solutions for every business need.


Business intelligence integrations

We are experienced BI integrator with professional teams and official partnership with lead BI vendors

Power BI migration

Qlik to Power BI migration. It’s trendy, more flexible and will help you to reduce costs for the whole BI integration. As an experienced BI integrator, we could offer you safe and quick solution to replicate your Qlik dashboards, reports, ETL process and infrastructure in Power BI.

Corporate Planner

Unique product for budgeting and financial planning. Corporate Planner is a flexible corporate performance management software that easily adapts to the individual characteristics and interests of companies.


DASHBOARD and Consulting

Revolutionize your game's economic performance with our free, ready-to-use Power BI configuration and professional consulting services. Unlock new opportunities to optimize your game's economy, drive player engagement, and achieve financial success without breaking the bank.


Our AI-powered gaming coach analyzes your gameplay in real-time, providing instant feedback and personalized recommendations to help you improve your skills.



We've create an ultimate tools for a specific needs of your business




An ultimate end-to end analytics of your CRM tool data. Surf through sales analytics, discover competitors and top sellers with BI integrated with your Salesforce. You can make a forecasting and always have a helicopter view for strategical decision making.


Data Lakes

DWH and AWSoptimising, Data Lakes creation.



Perfect combination for your e-commerce project.BI app for e-commerce based on Shopify helps you to make a quick decisions, to see every metrics of your business. Number and amount of sales, amount of discount, margin, profit etc.



Ready made solution for IT companies.We integrate leading BI platforms with your data management systems to give you a Jira+BI solution for reporting, dashboards and analytics.



Ready made solution for e-commerce companies


Simple tool for CCPA conditions in your retail, e-commerce or B2C business. Our CCPA solution allows you to track personal data quickly.

What can we do for you


We provide IT consulting and development since 2010

IT Consulting and development

Ready made BI Apps for your sales, finance, customers analysis. Discover more via sending us a request below.

We've done over 300 projects for retailers. manufacturers, e-commerce and IT

Outsourcing and outstuffing

We are certified team with a deep expertise in BI, DWH, Amazon services, Python, EPR. There are available for you: senior/middle/junior developers, data scientists, business analysts, project managers, data architects.


We’ve encountered a lot of technical challenges related to the use of Qlik platforms, so we’re likely familiar with most issues that you may be face. We could help you with your QlikView Qlik Sense apps tuning and improvement.

Technical support and training

We provide 24/7 technical support for BI projects worldwide. Our support department reacts on ticket in few hours.There's also a training centre, which could offer you an online webinars for your stuff and for your IT team as well for empower their dev skills.

Recent Projects

P&L & Project Analytics in SOFTEQ

BI + JIRA + QuickBooks

Advantages of integration of Qlik Sense with JIRA platforms

DWH for ML&BI for Retailer at EU 

 PostgreSQL + Python + ETL

The Retail chain 200+ stores DWH data engineering on PosgreSQL Big Data for ML and Predictive analytics

BI + CRM Analytics in ADANI 

 Pipeline and 10+ CRM systems

Creating CRM Advanced Clients and Pipeline Dashboards and analytics with consolidation of international offices with DWH+BI+Forecasting for fast business decisions.

Distributors Network Analytics Solution for Worldwide Producer CONTE

aDWH + Qlik View + Nprinting + Forecasting

Creating DWH and producer-distribution-retail-clients inventory order and analytics solution and distributor's portal with Qlik View

E-commerce Analytics CARBON 38 

Magento + Qlik Sense + MySQL + Amazon

Data engineering DWH and creating Sales and Inventory analytics for goods, clients, brands with A2 Qlik e-commerce solution for Magento.

Geoanalytics in IDEABANK

Oracle + MSSQL + Excel + DWH

Clients churn rate prediction analytics with adding geo-analytics for clients and risk analytics solution.