BI platforms for Game Developers

Transform complex game data into actionable insights

The Game Analytics Dashboard is a cutting-edge tool designed specifically for game developers and publishers to track and analyze KPIs. With our solutions, game developers can easily track KPIs, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to enhance player engagement, optimize in-game economics, and ultimately drive greater financial success.

Engagement Pannel

  • User Retention Trend
  • User Retention Matrix

Finance Analysis

  • Paying Users
  • Revenue & Revenue per transaction

Events Analysis

  • Started/Skipped/Finished Events
  • Total Churn
  • User comparison

When you need Game Analytics Dashboard


Lack of player engagement

Inability to understand what keeps players engaged, leading to lower retention rates and a less successful game.

Monetization missteps

Without clear insights into player preferences and behaviors, monetization strategies can miss the mark, negatively impacting revenue.

Time-consuming data analysis

Countless hours of manual gameplay data analysis, which is both inefficient and detracts from the creative process of game development.


Boosted player retention

BI platform provides deep insights into player behavior, enabling you to tailor experiences that keep players coming back for more.

Optimized monetization strategies

With access to real-time data analysis, game developers can fine-tune in-game purchases and ads, maximizing revenue.

Efficient automated reporting

Say goodbye to manual data crunching. Our automated reporting frees up valuable time, allowing developers to focus on creativity and innovation in game design.

You need it if you are:

Analisys Independent game developers

Small teams or solo developers looking to gain insights into player behavior and preferences without the need for a dedicated data analysis team.

Game development studios

Larger studios aiming to refine and optimize player experiences across multiple titles, ensuring each game meets its full potential in player satisfaction and revenue.

Game Publishers

Publishers interested in data-driven decisions to guide marketing strategies, game updates, and portfolio management to maximize profitability and market share.

Product Managers within Gaming Companies

Individuals responsible for the success of a game, from conception to post-launch, who require detailed analytics to make informed decisions.

Do you want to:

  • get an interactive KPI panel;
  • analyze the information about transactions, players, and finance;
  • see the number of inactive players;
  • understand what players are interested in;
  • see if your events organization is effective?

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