Improve the efficiency of your Qlik applications

Over the last 10+ years, we’ve encountered a lot of technical challenges related to the use of Qlik platforms, so we’re likely familiar with most issues that you may be face. We could help you if:

Applications work slowly and you need Qlik Sense or QlikView performance tuning 

Problems with adoption, connection, new sources need to be added correctly. 

Applications are not insightful or don’t add value to your business process.

You've detect a doubled data within your databases and BI system

You need to migrate from Qlik View to Qlik Sense

There's not enough developers to develop or maintain your Qlik Apps  

Complex problems that internal developers don’t have enough knowledge to deal with

 Developers need more advanced education

Qlik Sense and QlikView Performance Tuning

We will conduct a set of tests to figure out what’s causing your QlikView or Qlik sense applications to work slowly. We will make recommendations for improvement based on the specific problems that we find. You can hire us to remedy these problems or to teach your developers how to do Qlik Sense and QlikView performance tuning and speed up your applications. 

– Over just a few days, our consultants will analyze every aspect of your QlikView or Qlik Sense application using a proven checklist of tests and our set of professional diagnostic tools. 

– As a result, we will issue a Qlik Performance Review document with tangible recommendations of performance improvements for inefficient expressions, charts, sheets, actions, data models, and other parts of your application that can be enhanced for optimal Qlik performance. 

– After we issue our tuning recommendations, you can hire us to implement them for you, or you may opt to implement them yourself. If we feel that your system’s slow performance stems from a shortage of knowledge among your developers, we will recommend a customized training activity to help you close the gap between the complexity of your requirements and the developer skills in your team. 

ETL and architecture

• Analyze app logs to identify script sections with longest reload time. 

 • Review QVD usage in ETL process (incremental load on largest factual tables). 

 • Review star schema data model implementation. 

 • Review key usage (no synthetic keys, generating numeric keys as needed, hiding on UI). 

 • Determine unused fields past transformation stage for removal. 

 • Determine unnecessary timestamps from date fields to reduce memory footprint. 

 • Review reusing transformed data QVDs across apps. 

 • Ensure optimal data types are being used by QlikView/Qlik Sense optimize memory footprint.

Apps Analysis

Analyze expressions and recommend optimizations as applicable. 

 • Review usage of calculated dimensions and make recommendations for improvement. 

 • Review any existing variable externalization. 

• Compile list of most used objects and make suggestions for improving performance. 

• Review objects with longest calculation times and make suggestions for improving performance. 

 • Provide a time of day application usage heatmap. 

 • Suggest UX/UI improvements, standardization and consistent corporate identity elements.

Quality of implementation

Check the quality, performance, business value, end user experience, and technical foundation of your QlikView and Qlik Sense implementation. 

3Alica consultants evaluate your use of QlikView from a business perspective, a people perspective, and a technical perspective. We interview key business stakeholders and take a representative sampling of end users to help assess tangible and intangible ROI. We review your QlikView applications with your technical team and focus on Qlik performance criteria such as: 

– Data Integrity 
– Quality of Qlik Sense or QlikView Data Modeling 
– Internal structure of Qlik Sense or QlikView data models 
– Consistency of Qlik Sense data connections 
– Loading time
– Data Volumes 
– QlikView or Qlik Sense Response Times 
– Information Security 
– Use of Computing Resources 
– Information Access for End Users 
– UI Integrity & Consistency 
– Ease-of-Use for Developers & End Users 
– Reliability of Reload Processes 
– Time needed for Qlikview Application Development At the end of this short engagement, you will receive a detailed report with all the findings and recommendations for improvements 
– from Qlik Data Modeling recommendations to more efficient use of advanced calculations.


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