Yves Rocher: Analysis of Checks and Assortment at Qlik Sense 

Yves Rocher analyzes data on sales, external transactions and checks through the modern Qlik Sense BI platform. Thus, the company's management acquired a complete consolidation of the data sources and a truthful overview of the key business indicators by each SKU and a particular store.

Project mission 
The core objectives of the project are: increase in profitability; creation of effective assortment management system. 
Main tasks of the project: reduction of the time that employees spend on gathering information and calculating key indicators; consolidation of data sources of primary information (1C and MS Excel) for generating reports - creation of a single point of truth; unification of methods for calculating key indicators; release of resources for analyzing data and making effective management decisions. 
The developed application consists of the following sheets: Selections; Indicators; Ratings; Budget-Actual-Forecast; Profitability analysis; ABC-XYZ analysis; LFL analysis; Summary; Designer; What-if modeling.  

Project progress

The aims of the application implementation are: 

  • automation of the analysis process; 
  • reduction of the labor intensity and timing on the preparation of consolidated analytical reporting on checks; 
  • arrangement of conditions for effective management decision-making; 
  • comprehensive sales analysis;
  • in-depth assortment analysis. 

The implemented project enable managers to: 

 1. track plan performance percentage in the current period; identify which stores fail plan already in the middle of the month; 
 2. scrutinize the effectiveness of the promotions and overall marketing events, compare the turnover of a particular product with and without held marketing activity, determine whether the acceleration of turnover helped increase the return on investment; 
 3. automate the generation of the Plan until the day, considering the retail cycle and seasonality. 

The Application

The application on the analysis of sales and gross income provides the sales data overview by the following dimensions: 

 1. geographic distribution (region, city, shopping center) of sales and margin in the form of map or table;

2. modelling of sales/margin when changing the purchase price or retail price based on dependencies of previous periods; 

 3. the study of the effectiveness of the promotions, determination of the discount’s depth and calculation of the average amount of discount, comparison of the profitability of goods with and without a discount. 

The application on the analysis of sales enables to explore consumer demand, determine its price range, divide customers according to the customer demand into categories and subcategories and provide each cate-gory of customers with products of the corresponding status.

Quality results with us

Our team carried out a pre-project survey and elaborated a set of recommendations on internal personnel management, loyalty system, work with 1C and cash transactions, goods distribution management, etc. The project Yves Rocher implies sequential development of new applications. 

Irina Ovchinnikova, 3Alica Business Analyst: “The project appeared to be uncommon, there were specific analytics and a number of unstandard client requirements. We have implemented a radically new what-if analysis tech-nique that allows us not only to simu-late scenarios when changing the cost price and mark-up, but also to compare such goods with each other or simultaneously simulate different scenarios for one product. Moreover, we have developed adaptive web design (AWD) for mobile devices, which allows you to monitor key indi-cators at any convenient time and from any devices. The project turned out to be unusual and sophisticated to implement, but at the same time interesting” 

The benefits

The choice of the platform was based on the positive feedbacks of retail businesses; the presence of a specialized local developer led to the cooperation with A2 Consulting. Qlik Sense is the most powerful multi-cloud solution in the modern business intelligence. 

Savchenko O.V., Deputy Trade Director at Yves Rocher CIS, comments on the project: “As a result of the project on implementing Qlik Sense BI platform, we received a convenient and simple tool for visualizing and integrating analyti-cal data. We are planning to implement new BI solutions to have the opportunity to carry out new logical interdependencies between important business indicators, which in turn will drive the development of the company.” 

• Sales management in the company has reached a new level. 
• Management of loyalty, marketing and customer value propositions has become targeted. 
• General increase in the effective-ness of the company’s assets management and growth in the profitability of the chain.
• Qlik Sense analytics have be-come a daily tool for monitoring company's performance.  


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